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Mitahara initial assessment and advice

If want to know about your body type and understand what food is appropriate for you, book your time with us. Our expert nutritionists carefully assess your body composition and diet pattern using body composition analyzer, hand dynamometer and food recall. The assessment is followed by in-depth consultation.  

Weight loss nepal
The Weight Loss/ Gain package 

Understanding that each human body is different, your required nutritional needs can be different than others, and our weight gain/loss program offers a customized plan that best suits your body type while also considering your lifestyle, food habits and other aspects ( stress, sleep, gut health)  that affect your weight.


  • One month weight loss plan 

  • 45 days weight loss plan

  • three month weight loss plan 

  • 6 months weight loss plan 

  • 45 days weight gain plan 

PCOS support Nepal

PCOD/ PCOS Package 

People with PCOS/ PCOD have symptoms like irregular periods, excess male hormone “androgen” production, excess facial or body hair and abdominal weight. Usually excessive intake of junk food, being overweight, stress and hormonal imbalance are the main causes of this metabolic condition. However, these conditions can be managed by food.

Our certified nutritionist use nutritional strategies exclusive to PCOS/PCOD and hormone balancing food to manage this condition. Our recommended package for PCOS/PCOD is 3 months but depending on your need, we also have 1 month and 45-day packages.


Pregnancy and infant nutrition 

We offer meal plan and nutritional guidance for various conditions concerning the pregnant as well as lactating mothers. We also provide meal plan and counselling  for underweight as well as overweight children. Our nutrition plan and guidance for infant and children is one month long while for pregnant or lactating women the duration differs according to conditions and need for guidance.


Disease management Plan 

Did you know that many chronic diseases are preventable? Some of the diseases can be cured through a balanced diet. Nutrition is an important part of disease management and we use food as medicine to manage your disease.


Clinical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, arthritis, high cholesterol, and others are food and lifestyle related conditions. These conditions can be prevented and managed through food. If you have any of these conditions, we can help you manage and reduce its impact through nutrition and food planning. Our food plans will not only minimize your symptoms but also increase the effectiveness of your medication and even reverse some clinical conditions like diabetes.


Sports Nutrition 

We expertise in sports nutrition. This package is exclusively for sports athlete or a team to suffice their nutritional requirement for better performance. 

The duration of the package is customized according to the sports and conditions. 

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Workplace Nutrition Seminar

Due to rapid changes in the lifestyle- from farming to sedentary lifestyle (urban and no or less physical movement) along with the exposure to more processed foods, our country is experiencing an epidemiological conversion to non-communicable diseases. Research shows that heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and stroke were the top three causes of death in 2017. Infact, the causes of above-mentioned diseases are poor and improper food. To sensitize people about food and nutrition, Mitahara initiated Workplace Food and Nutrition Seminar. The program fosters sustainable consumption, sensitize people about the impact of processed foods on overall health, benefits of eating local and wholesome food on human and planetary health. It give people with knowledge and skills on becoming a smart consumer.

Mitahara Initial Assessment form 

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