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Our Mission

To support a culture of excellence in the Nepal by building a strong foundation of optimal health and nutrition.

Why Choose Us

With the development of modern science and technological advancement, peoples have started to depend more on medicine, hospitals and supplements, rather than on ‘real food’. Studies and historical documents show that real food is the only best way to have a sustainable health. However, people are increasingly exposed to refined and processed food more than before. Staple foods are becoming more refined and processed, fat and meat intake is increasing, processed dairy products and other processed foods are consumed more than before, and larger number of meals are eaten outside home and junk is replacing main meal. Nepal, being a country of substance economy, urban population is becoming reliant on market food and vendors which is contribute in escalating the tends of NCDs and degraded environment.


Our belief on food and passion to work towards creating healthier human and planetary health brought us together and led to imitate Mithara. The ‘denial’ of people in the fact that food can solve most of the health and lifestyle related problems along with the issue of climate change has to be changed. We realized that educating people with the knowledge of food and nutrition, providing a space for preventive and proactive health care and healthy food alternatives could help improve the overall public health.

My journey with Mitahara is really amazing. I wasn't able to lose my weight though I tried a lot. But after I joined it's program I am able to lose 10 kgs within three and half months. It gives us easy diet plan to follow which we can continue through out our life. As I am able to lose weight properly I have become more confident to lose more weight.i I am very thankful to the team of Mitahara

Got Questions?

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