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"Nutri-Laya: Empowering Healthy Eating Habits in Schools"

Mitahara, a leading nutrition company in Nepal, has collaborated with Himsikhara Socio-cultural Society Nepal and Vertical Ascent for the successful Nutri-Laya program. This two-day nutrition awareness program, held from January 3-5, 2023 at Shree Siddaha Baraha Gurukul and Jana Jagriti Secondary School, aimed to assess the nutritional status of school children and educate them about healthy eating habits.

Facilitated by clinical nutritionist Supriya Bhattarai and public health professional Rajani Poudel, the program included nutritional assessments, height and weight measurements, BMI calculation, waist to hip ratio, grip strength, and food preference questionnaires. The majority of students at Jana Jagriti School were found to be healthy with normal height and weight, with only a few students classified as underweight or overweight.

The program's impact was measured through pre- and post-test questionnaires, which showed a significant change in students' perceptions and knowledge of food and nutrition. Students in grades 1-5 learned about healthy and unhealthy foods through a food bingo game, while students in grades 6-8 took a food and nutrition quiz. Students in grades 9-12 discussed nutrition and learned to read food labels.

Initiated in 2021, Mitahara has already worked with over 5 schools in the Kathmandu Valley, Sunsari, and Kaski district, reaching over 2000 students. The Nutri-Laya program focuses on two main aspects of schools: school cafeteria review and updating, and empowering children and parents with nutrition education.

At Mitahara, we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle among students and believe that Nutri-Laya will encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits for a better future. We plan to roll out the program to schools across the country and reach as many students as possible.

Join us in our mission to improve the health and well-being of students. Your school will receive a comprehensive nutritional assessment, and educational sessions designed to educate and empower students to make better food choices. Additionally, we will review your school's food menu and kitchen to ensure proper nutrition for growth and development. Contact us today to schedule your school's participation in Nutri-Laya.


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