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What you eat matters !

Mitahara strives to inspire people to live healthier and longer lives It literally means ‘moderate eating’ an approach we incorporate into our practice and a lifestyle that is great for the human health and better for the planet. We promote the consumption of natural, local and wholesome foods.

Nepali Staple food

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Our Recipes

Learn the art of nutritious cooking with Mitahara 

Besanflour Pancake, Nepali recipe
Homemade oats flour nachos, Nepal

Core Business

As a socially responsible enterprise, Mitahara is dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits and a sustainable food system. Our core business areas are:

Mitahara Diet Clinic

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur & Birjung

Mitahara offers personalized meal plans and counseling, and lifestyle guidance from experienced nutritionists to heal, reverse and manage chronic diseases. From weight management to disease prevention and management, we help you live your best life. 

Food & Nutrition Literacy

Mitahara promotes healthy living and eating habits through Workplace Food & Nutrition Seminars for groups and organizations and School Food Literacy Program for educating children and teachers, creating conscious consumers and improving workplace productivity and success.

Food Innovation & Production

Mitahara promotes the consumption of sustainable food for both human (preventing from chronic diseases) & planetary health (preventing environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity. We innovate, process, and package various food options to increase access to healthy food for all.

Meet the Team

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Co-founder & Executive Director


Bijaya Raj Poudel

Bijay, an entrepreneur and social activist, is dedicated to sustainable food systems. With 15+ years of experience in community development & entrepreneurship, he promotes green jobs and sustainable consumption/production. Bijay advocates local, wholesome, and moderate eating for human and planetary health. He believes transforming consumption pattern is crucial for a sustainable future.


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Clinical Nutritionist & Director, Mitahara Diet & Lifestyle Clinic

Astha Karkee

Astha, M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, is a clinical and behavioral nutritionist with over 5 + years of experience. She served as nutrition expert for the "FirstCry FitJunior Project in india. She has published research articles on diabetes and food-borne pathogens. Astha's focus areas include child nutrition, nutrigenomics, and traditional nutrition practices.  


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Co-ordinator, Mitahara Food Literacy Program

Sagar Koirala

Sagar is an agriculture researcher, foodsystem champion and youth activist from Eastern Nepal. He is Acting Focal Point of World Food Forum( YA Track) for Asia Pacific region and has been involved in various national and international projects related to agriculture and climate. He has trained numerous farmers and is mostly working in Climate Smart Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Advocacy .


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Clinical Nutritionist & Director, Food & Nutrition Education

Supriya Bhattarai

Supriya, M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics , is a highly accomplished clinical and behavioral nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition. With over five years of experience, she has worked as a clinical nutritionist at various healthcare institutions, including Hams Hospital. Supriya's diverse interests include sports physiology, gut health, and genetics. She has also played a key role in a project focused on the feasibility of Human Milk banks in Nepal. Currently, Supriya is a co-founder and nutrition consultant at Mitahara.  

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Clinical Nutritionist  

Divya Mittal

Divya, an MSc graduate in food science and nutrition from Mount Carmel College, is a skilled and dedicated nutritionist. Her valuable experience as a clinical nutritionist at Hams Hospital enhances the services provided by Mitaahra's diet clinic. Divya not only excels in research and practical application but also demonstrates her creativity through the development of nutritious recipes catering to all age groups.

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Communication & Customer Service Assistant 

Manasha Gautam

Manasha is a dedicated professional with a passion for delivering excellent service. With a strong background in customer support, she possesses exceptional communication skills and the ability to address customer inquiries and concerns effectively.

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Colorful Food

I always knew that balanced food and exercise can help your way out of every health issue but, I just never knew how. I had struggles in getting my cycles right. I tried following healthy recipes and tips online but, I was going nowhere and I didn't want to take a chance on my health. 


Luckily, I saw Mitahara’s 3 months PCOS diet program and I jumped into it. I reached out to Ms. Supriya and Ms. Divya and shared all of my health-related problems, my food habits. I am an emotional eater and I had gained a lot of weight since I moved to the States. They helped me to switch my diet that would not only solve my problem but also helped to lose the extra pounds and their guidance on food selection was totally remarkable. I learned how to read food labels and how I can happily embrace more greens and vegetables on my diet. I really liked the diet chart that Mitahara provides after every 2 weeks of follow up. It has a proper distribution of the calories, carbs, protein, fiber that I need on a daily basis and it’s very easy to follow once you know your diet restrictions. 

Their constant follow-ups on my food intake and food portion helped me a lot to answer the questions I had, regarding my health issue. After 3 months with the team, I was able to go down to 57 kgs from 62 kgs. My cycles came back to normal and I am now more confident, happy, and healthy. I am very grateful to the Mitahara team for listening to my problems and helping me to understand the right food choice to fight with PCOS. 

I would no doubt recommend Mitahara to anyone who is trying to lose weight and fight with PCOS.


Sambhavi Adhikari 

Electrical Engineer, Houston, Texas 

Pcod Package 

Get in touch! 


Arun thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel Lalitpur


01- 5900573
977- 9812232024

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Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At Mitahara we are committed to supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we have identified following SDGs resonate deeply with our purpose and mission: Goal 2: Zero Hunger, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production  

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