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Devour our delicious buckwheat porridge (Jaulo)

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Buckwheat/ Phapar (फापर) is a whole grain and is one of the sixth staple foods in Nepal. It belongs to a family of pseudo cereals. Other common pseudo cereals are amaranth, quinoa etc. Though its name suggests wheat but its gluten free. It has become one of the popular cereals due to its nutrients like antioxidant and mineral content.

The most loved dish of Nepal is Jaulo and it is very easy to cook at home anytime. There are several ways and flavor of jaulo cooked across Nepal and today we will be using a super food that is phapar to make a jaulo out of it. As it is not a grain, it’s a cereal and is gluten free so this dish can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant as well as people who follow veganism as no animal products is used in it.

The recipe is a variation of traditional jaulo in which rice is replaced by buckwheat (phapar) due to its low glycemic index and high fiber content.

Not only the dish is healthy, but it is tasty too.


Course: Lunch

Diet: Vegetarian

Serving: 1

Prep in-10 Min Cooks in-15 Min Total in-25-30 Min


· 30gm of Buckwheat whole

· 20gm of Moong dal

· 50gm chopped carrot (roughly small carrot)

· 70gm chopped capsicum( roughly small capsicum)

· 30gm chopped beans (roughly 6-7 beans)

· 30gm chopped potato (roughly ½ small potato)

· 50gm scooped squash (roughly ½ cup finely chopped or scooped squash)

· Green chili-1

· Olive oil- 2 teaspoons

· Mustard seeds- 1 tsp

· Curry leaves- 4 to 5 pieces

· Salt to taste


· To begin making the Buckwheat Vegetable jaulo, wash and soak both the buckwheat and moong dal for an hour.

· Then, take a pressure cooker add olive oil to it, once olive oil becomes hot add 1 tsp mustard seeds and curry leaves.

· After the mustard seeds starts popping, add all the chopped vegetables and green chilies.

· Cook the vegetables in low flame for 3 to 4 minutes and then add salt according to the preference.

· Drain buckwheat and moong dal from water and add it into the cooker. Sauté for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring continuously.

· Add 2-3 cups of hot water into the cooker and mix well.

· Cover the lid of pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles.

This particular dish provides following nutritional value:

ENERGY- 380Kcal

PROTEIN- 14.97gm


FAT- 13.17gm

CALCIUM- 147.39mg

Source: IFCT ( Indian Food Composition Table)


· Buckwheat is rich in fiber, it supports the intestines in digesting food efficiently and also helps food move through the digestive tract.

· Including buckwheat to ones diet gives the filling of satiety and helps with weight management.

· It is also a source of complex carbohydrate with low glycemic index, thus helps to manage diabetes.


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