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New year - New diet. Plan and achieve

New year resolutions.

90% of new year resolutions fail.

why do 10% succeed?

3 things most common factors among successful new year diet changes.

Setting SMART goals.

Be specific about your goals, don’t focus on extraordinary , focus on small incremental changes that have big impact.






Don’t say you want to lose 20kg. Instead target losing 2 kg every month.

Tell your friends and family.

Support from your family and friends can have a great impact on your motivation. Ask for their support and motivation. Even better get someone to join you. Having a partner can help you and them motivate and keep at your resolution.

Get professional help and commit as soon as you can.

A professional like a personal trainer, dietician can help you set SMART goals, keep track of your progress. Working with a professional can help you ease obstacles and review your progress.

Many professionals offer new year deals. Contact them and commit as soon as you can.

Make sure you don’t have to make the same resolution next year.

Mitahar provides diet planning and nutritional support.

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